[Tutor] Python Advice Needed

Anthony P. cajuntechie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 01:20:57 CET 2004

Good Evening Everyone,

I've decided to embark on a rather ambitious new project and am
seriously considering using Python for it. Basically, I'm creating a
kiosk system that will need to be available 24/7, handle network and
hard interfaces, and present a nice GUI to the customer.

After reading a lot on both this group and a few other sites, I think
that a combination of Linux, Python, and wxPython would be ideal for
this task. But I wanted to ask those of you who actually use these
technologies what you think. Do you believe that this combination is
acceptable for a commercial, user facing product? Am I being a bit too
"gung ho" about Python?

I know I don't have the expertise to pull this project off all by
myself so I will have to hire some programmers. Is hiring Python
programmers any more cost effective than hiring say a C++ programmer
or a Java programmer? From a financial standpoint (the open source
thing not withstanding), does Python make sense?

Thanks everyone,

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