[Tutor] Change to Python 2.4?

Anna Ravenscroft revanna at mn.rr.com
Sat Nov 27 09:06:12 CET 2004

Alan Gauld wrote:
>>    How hard would it be to change to python 2.4? 
> Probably not very hard but, why would you want to?
> Do you have a need?
> At work I am still using Python 2.1, and at home I 
> still use 2.2 on my Mac. I only moved to 2.3 on my 
> PC so that I could update my tutor, I am not knowingly 
> using any 2.3 specific features.

Wow. I've heard so many kewl things on 2.3 (like datetime and sets and 
sum) that I can't imagine having to work in 2.2 or earlier anymore...

> So unless you need something specific in 2.4 there 
> should be no reason to ruish to it, wait till a 
> safe point in your project - like after you get a 
> stable working release - and then upgrade at your 
> leasure...

2.4 has worked heavily on optimization. So lots of code runs faster on 
2.4. There's also a new Decimal type, generator expressions, reverse 
iterators, built-in set objects, simpler string substitutions, and 
decorators for functions and methods.

>new things in python 2.4? 
> THere is usually a list available on the web site.


>>I have seen enough on this list to know that it
>>would be advantageous for me to download it. 
> If you have a specifc advantage that makes the 
> advantage worth the risk then go ahead. Python 
> release changes are usually pretty easy and 
> backwardly compatible.

Generally yes. And there's no reason you can't install 2.4 in another 
directory and try both versions for a while to see which one you like 
better. Just make sure your !# line points to the right version.

>scripts written for 2.3 work for 2.4? 

I can't see any reason why not. Backwards compatibility is a biggie with 
Python releases and I haven't heard of anything in the new release that 
"breaks" older ways of doing things.

> Occasionally something might break but in most 
> cases(99%?) I'd expect the 2.3 stuff to just work.



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