[Tutor] Re: New function and 3 line program not working?

Tim Moffatt timmoffatt at cogeco.ca
Thu Nov 11 06:51:31 CET 2004

Thank you all for your help!

Looking at 2 responses I recieved and combineing the info, I think I have solved the problem.

When I first start up the IDLE gui, it is titled "Python Shell" and I was attempting to enter everything here and I kept getting >>> after each line I
typed, and it would not work.  

IDLE 1.0.3      
>>> def newLine():

>>> print "First Line"
First Line
>>> newLine()

>>> print "Second Line"
Second Line

But, I learned that if I open a new window from the "Python Shell" and then enter everything, then save,  it would work
just fine.

Thank you again for your help

Tim Moffatt
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