[TUTOR] Installing Python2.3.x with Tk support; was [Tutor] IDLE?

Adelein and Jeremy adeleinandjeremy at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 7 06:16:08 CEST 2004

> Thank you for the ideas.  Tcl and Tk are installed in my own
> dir...what I
> can not find is how to tell Python where to look for them.  I did a
> quick
> look at the setup.py but did not see anything obvious...a few
> references to
> tcl but I could not see where to hardwire a path. Any leads. 
> Thanks again.

You're welcome - the reason I am taking so long to reply is that I
was searching high and low for a config file change I made (or
thought I made) before building python with tkinter. That said, there
is some pertinent information for you (and the rest of the group, as
I am sure someone out there has the same problem):

1) In the README file in the Python 2.3.x dir, there is a section
discussing system-dependent issues. One of those systems is RH 9, and
it pertains to an experience I had with the same problem you
described - basically supplying an option to ./configure - it tells
you which.

2) I had found and bookmarked a site with a paltry explanation of how
to solve the problem, but in my ignorance of Mozilla under Linux, I
erased the profile that contained it. The end result, however, was
the following which I added to my .bashrc script (not exactly what
was given, but modified by me to work the way I wanted it to):

# (because this is where Tcl/Tk are installed)

I didn't want to modify the actual python link as was suggested in
the site I found because as you know, RH uses python for python1.5,
and the incompatibilities screw the system over if you switch python
to point to python2.3. There may be some conflict with the env var
but I haven't experienced one yet - if that's the case you could take
these lines out and put them into their own script with a call to a
new shell session appended to the end, and then in that child shell
you will have the correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but it will not interfere
with any other shell's env vars.

Hope that helps - sorry I couldn't find the file I [think that I]
modified to correct the Tcl/Tk version, but even if I did that I am
convinced that simply these two steps should do the trick. In any
case, I believe that Python must be completely reconfigured and
rebuilt unless you have already covered my first point above.

I am sure someone out there has a much better solution than this, but
having asked this question myself, and having received no answer
despite several rewordings and clarifications, I provide this to you
in the meanwhile as a kluge.

- Jeremy

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