[Tutor] Re: OOP books

Mike Hansen mhansen at cso.atmel.com
Fri Oct 8 22:50:06 CEST 2004

There's a couple of OOP books that I've been meaning to read after Code 
Complete and Programming Python...

The Object Oriented Thought Process

Head First Java

Head First Java might seem like a strange choice. It sounds like an 
interesting read. It tries to teach OOP and Java with humor and 
illustrations. Supposedly, you learn better if there's an emotional 
response. IMHO, if you learn OOP in one programming language, it 
probably isn't much of a leap to use OOP in other programming languages.


> Subject:
> [Tutor] OOP books
> From:
> "Dmitry V. Peryshkov" <pyoryshkov at inorg.chem.msu.ru>
> Date:
> Fri, 08 Oct 2004 17:54:15 +0400
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> tutor at python.org
> To:
> tutor at python.org
> Hello, everyone!
> I am a novice in the object oriented programming. I have achieved 
> some  success in learning of the syntax of the Python language. But I 
> cannot  find some book related to general concept of the OOP, which 
> would be  rather useful as well as simple and interesting. Could you 
> recommend some  books of this kind?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dmitry Peryshkov.

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