[Tutor] Here's hoping...

Gerhard Venter s.venter at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 13 15:56:16 CEST 2004


I've tried several of the many ways to do web-programming with Python.  
The easiest and best documented one I've used so far is Spyce (spyce.sf.net)
Take a look at his "30-seconds sales pitch", and his Examples page - a 
great way of introducing your software on the Web.


Dan wrote:

> Oh, I know this is going to sound really bad, but I'm going to try 
> anyway...
> I'm NOT a professional programmer:  in fact, the last time I did any 
> programming was on an Atari ST, with STOS (a BASIC game-writing 
> language...)
> I *AM* wanting to get back into it, and python seems like a good place 
> to begin again - but I'm totally at a loss as to where to start.  I've 
> got me IDLE installed, and done some basic hello worlding...
> but are there any sources on the net / can anyone help me with first 
> steps on how I would write a web app?
> I particularly want to have a go at writing a server-side bookmark 
> prog that would allow cross-referencing a la Amazon - 'people who go 
> to these websites are also going to these websites'.
> Can anyone help a total beginner?  Or am I on the wrong list / should 
> I go elsewhere?
> Here's hoping...
> Dan

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