[Tutor] visual development environs?

John Fabiani jfabiani at yolo.com
Fri Oct 15 22:05:10 CEST 2004

On Friday 15 October 2004 08:18, WEISS, MARK (NB) wrote:
> I have recently been on the search for a new IDE as well.  You may want
> to check out Stani's Python Editor (SPE) at http://spe.pycs.net/ Another
> place to look is the Developer Works (IBM) site.  David Mertz has posted
> several reviews of Python IDEs there.
>  cheers,
>  mark
You might want to check out using wing 2.0 with wxGlade.  You have to buy wing 
2.0 but wxGlade is free.  None of the IDE's that I have found (so far) match 
anything of the Microsoft IDE's for VB or VFP.  All of them are missing the 
ease of developing a form based app.  Don't get me wrong because I believe 
improvements are happening daily but (as of today) the IDE's are far behind 
Microsoft offerings - at least for Python.


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