[Tutor] methods versus functions (using lists as an example)

Luiz Siqueira cybersamurai at terra.com.br
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Em 19/10/2004, às 12:29, Hans Fangohr escreveu:

> Dear all,
> I was looking at what you can do with lists in Python. There are
> basically two sets of commands: (i) methods doing something with a
> list (such as sort(), reverse(), count(), ...) and (ii) functions that
> take a list as an argument (such as sum(), max(), min()).
> I would expect that there is a rationale behind this choice -- would
> anyone know what this is or where I can find more information?
> Many thanks,
> Hans
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Well, if is you a beginner, you can start using the method "help" with 
list as  argument
like "help(list)", there you can find the basic to work with lists. 
Another good place is look
to a beginner tutorial in python.org, there are good and shorts 
materials for explain
techniques and resources of each class related with lists.

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