[Tutor] Hello from a beginner!

McLaughlin, Toby tmclaughlin at csu.edu.au
Wed Oct 20 06:25:41 CEST 2004

I'm currently learning Python from a Perl background and I think you
can't go too far wrong with "Learning Python".  In fact, I suspect that
making the conceptual links between the two languages without any
explicit help from the book helps to develop a deeper understanding of
programming concepts in general.
There have been a few nice introductions from people on the list
recently, which has filled me with guilt for not introducing myself.
I'm a Linux (and sometimes Windows) sysadmin who often needs scripts to
solve little problems.  I hope that if I write enough of these (and make
them elegant enough), I'll one day be able to call myself a programmer.
Recently, I've decided to try using Python to for the sort of things for
which I'd normally use Perl, particularly in the realm of text
processing.  For extra fun, I'm learning Emacs at the same time, so I'm
migrating from Perl in Vim to Python in Emacs.
So far, I'm loving the language and am delighted to see that this list
contains such friendly and enthusiastic people.
Toby McLaughlin.

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	I'm completely new to this list (and Python) so I just wanted to
say hello and introduce myself.   
	I have a lot of experience with Perl, but I've been hearing
enough good stuff about Python that it seems like I'm overdue time to
pick it up.  My early readings (from O'Reilly's LEARNING PYTHON) lead me
to believe that it should be an excellent language for GUI apps,
scientific computing, and cross-platform apps.  Along with reading the
O'Reilly book, I hope this list will get me up to speed quickly. 
	Does anyone have an opinion on the MIGRATING FROM PERL TO PYTHON
(or something like that;  has a snake on the cover) book out there?  I'm
considering picking that one up. 
	Thanks, and I look forward to learning Python and participating
in this list!
	Nicholas Montpetit
	Deluxe Business Services

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