[Tutor] nested lists of data

Rich Krauter rmkrauter at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 15:45:08 CEST 2004

Scott Melnyk wrote:
> Hello Rich!
>  Question about the program, I would like it pulled out only if it is
> in ALL the transcripts for a given gene.  Does this not pull out exons
> that match in any two transcripts?
> So if there are four transcripts it would have to be in all four to be
> pulled out.
> I had received a past demo with lists from Kent Johnson which was the
> first I had heard of sets
> First some raw data:
[sets examples cut]
> Which is what I have based my plans on.  Sorry to be new to this and a
> bit slow in picking it up, 

No apologies necessary - and you are right about what you think it does; 
you seem to have picked it up pretty quickly to me. :)

[code snippets cut]

> i think it would pull out any intersection between two transcripts.

That's right - sorry, I misunderstood what you needed to do. Try 
something like this instead:

def getintersections(fname='D:/rk/exons.txt'):
     exonSets = {}
     f = open(fname)
     for line in f:
         if line.startswith('ENS'):
             parts = line.split()
             gene = parts[0]
             transcript = parts[1]
             exons = parts[2:]

     return exonSets

Hope that helps.


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