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Tue Oct 26 10:24:06 CEST 2004

If you want to try it out for yourself, but don't have a spare computer 
for linux, then have a go at a 'live CD' of linux. This is a bootable CD 
which it runs linux on your system without touching the windows 
installation that you have there now (ie take the CD out and reboot and 
you're back to windows - it doesn't install any files to your harddisk). 
It sets up the hardware and graphical desktop automatically, so it 
shouldn't be too scary.

www.knoppix.org provide a free version - just download and burn the iso 
image. I'm fairly sure that it has python installed on it as well, so 
you shouldn't need to install anything extra.


Ali Polatel wrote:

>  Dear tutors,
>  I have written a programme for windows (no GUI but some commands 
> which create and write things in text files)
>  I want to modify this programme so that it will work in Linux...
>  I think there is no need to change the usual functions and classes 
> all I need to do is a modification in creating files outside the 
> programme.
>  If anyone who knows how to do this in Linux can you tell me the 
> equivalent of the function in Linux?:
>  "go=open('c:/test.txt','w')"
>   go.write('Hello world\n')
> Another thing is in windows the programme can understand it 
> self-directory with os.getcwd() command...Can we also do it in Linux?I 
> mean for example when I do:
> import os
> os.getcwd()
> the interpreter gives "c:\python23"
> How to do same in Linux?
> And I am not someone who is acquianted with Linux..Can someone create 
> directories in Linux?(like the mkdir() function in windows)
> Thanks all for your help
> Ali Polatel
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