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Gooch, John John.Gooch at echostar.com
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I am attempting to read information from a remote registry using Python, but
cannot find any examples of it in the Python/Activestate mailing list
archives nor plain old Google.com. Can someone point out what I am doing
wrong? The below code is what I am using, and it errors on the 'successful='
line, telling me I am giving it invalid parameters. The parameters I am
unsure of are the first and last ones, as , once again, I can find no
documentation as to what they should be in Python. 
Microsoft documentation says
uint32 GetStringValue(
  uint32 hDefKey,
  string sSubKeyName,
  string sValueName,
  string sValue


My Code
wmiRegObj = win32com.client.GetObject(
if wmiRegObj:
   print "Successfully connected to registry"
  successful = wmiRegObj.GetStringValue( 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE',
'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\' ,
'DefaultUserName', username )   

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Bill, Kent, Joe,

Thanks a lot for openly discussing the different approaches to my problem.
With your help, I have gained some insight into the problem area that I am
tackling, and that's what I was looking for.

The multiprocess socket/XMLRPC option is very exciting in that I could
create a generic "sniffer server" that can talk with whatever client(s) I
decide to create.

The all-in-one threaded option is tempting for a couple reasons:
	1.  I would like to get some experience with threads.
	2.  Overall, the architecture sounds less complex.

For the sake of flexibility, I am leaning towards the multiprocess option
using XMLRPC.

Thanks again for the ideas/counter-ideas!


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