[Tutor] Turning a "script" into an "application"

Chad Crabtree flaxeater at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 22:20:32 CEST 2004

Christian Wyglendowski wrote:

>Bill, Kent, Joe,
>Thanks a lot for openly discussing the different approaches to my
>problem.  With your help, I have gained some insight into the
>area that I am tackling, and that's what I was looking for.
>The multiprocess socket/XMLRPC option is very exciting in that I
>create a generic "sniffer server" that can talk with whatever
>I decide to create.
>The all-in-one threaded option is tempting for a couple reasons:
>	1.  I would like to get some experience with threads.
>	2.  Overall, the architecture sounds less complex.
>For the sake of flexibility, I am leaning towards the multiprocess
>option using XMLRPC.
>Thanks again for the ideas/counter-ideas!
Well I have read through this thread and I feel there is a simpler 
solution that has not been discussed.  That is why not do the
logic inside the OnIdle event in the GUI, it would be easy to do and 
maintain state between calls and to start and stop, you could use
current script like a library and just do state management inside a 
class, then do the appropriate calls from OnIdle and update the GUI
the class.  I have not done threading or Socket programing but this
my first idea, this way you could use the mainloop of the GUI to do
asynch stuff ( I Think) for you.

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