[Tutor] Questions come and questions go, but I will email forever

Jacob S. keridee at jayco.net
Thu Oct 28 00:07:53 CEST 2004

import sys
sys.stdout = tutor at python.org  ## This email message
## Am I bored or what?
print "Hi everyone!"
print '''\tI need help. The bottom line is, I am having extreme difficulties
with messy code.\r\n
My program has problems. There are two different scenes I want to implement
using VPython,\r\n
but I originally combined both of their codes together. Now, I want to put
them into seperate\r\n
functions so that I can call them. As it is, the two functions would have to
reference each other.\r\n
Really, I want to find if there is a way to make all future variables in a
module global. Is there\r\n
any sort of really simple function like sys.makeallglobals() that declares
all variables that point\r\n
forward as global? I would really like to know.'''

print "Thanks\n"*60
print "Jacob Schmidt"

'''P.S. I'm not joking by putting my email into a python format. I'm just
getting extra practice ;-)'''

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