[Tutor] modified readline()???

Hugo González Monteverde hugonz at h-lab.net
Tue Oct 19 19:56:15 CEST 2004

Thanks, I think I'll do that. As I come from a Perl background, I 
thought I could redefine the separator in a similar way as it is done 
with Perl's $/ variable... but I guess that cannot be done....

Thanks again,


Michael Janssen wrote:
>>But the program just puts some kind of terminal control between status
>>lines. Can I redefine the "CR" in readline() as to read up to that
>>character??? I cannot simply use read() and block with some buffer size
>>since that does not guarante I'm getting the whole "50%" string so that
>>I can parse it.... I could be getting just 5 in one pass, and then 0%
>>in the next....
> read one char at a time and stop reading when you found the stop
> character. Meanwhile store the read chars somewhere.
> Michael

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