[Tutor] Windows file structure

Kent Johnson kent_johnson at skillsoft.com
Sun Oct 31 02:44:47 CET 2004

A few notes:

- Instead of
for slot in range(len(folderlist)):
         # do something with folderlist[slot]

it is better to write
for names in folderlist:
         # do something with names

- os.makedirs() will make all the directories needed to reach a path, so 
you don't have to make the intermediate paths.

- A more portable way to join paths is with os.path.join(); this will work 
on a wider variety of platforms that code that assumes that / is the separator.

So you could write your loop as
for names in folderlist:
            for secondslot in names[1:]:
                  os.makedirs(os.path.join('..', names[0], secondslot))


At 01:46 PM 10/31/2004 +1300, Liam Clarke wrote:
>folderlist=[["English", "data", "temporary", "main", "archive"],
>                ["Español", "datos", "temporal", "principal", "archivo"],
>                ["Italiano", "dati", "provvisorio", "principale", "archivio"]]
>And then a wee loop -
>for slot in range(len(folderlist)):
>            os.mkdir("../%s" % folderlist[slot][0])
>            for secondslot in range(1,len(folderlist[slot])):
>                  os.mkdir("../%s/%s" % (folderlist[slot][0],

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