[Tutor] Re: Question on open and read html files and psycopg

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 15 01:49:27 CEST 2004

>One more question on psycopg
>Finally, my machine is installed with psycopg and I'm wanna to try out it. 
>I'm a newbie so I find it difficult to write a program that is capable of 
>querying the database a
>I have a postgreSQL DB up and running, my problem is with the code. Are 
>there anyone that is will
>Any help will be greatly appreciate. Thank you.

This is based on the code you posted before...

    #We do have form data; just show it.
    print "You typed this:"

    my_query = form.getvalue("data")
    print my_query
    # It seems that we need to have an appropriate username that matches
    # an entry in the postgresql table of users.
    import os
    username = os.environ.get('USER')
    # print "username: ", username, type(username)
    if username == None:
        # Assume that the web server has started this script and has the
        # username 'apache'.  To allow this to access the database, we had
        # to create a postgresql user of that name and have no password.
        # This new user is also able to create tables and new users,
        # otherwise the access seems to be blocked.  (This might be a
        # security problem but only for our database tables.)
        username = 'apache'

    # Now, we can get to the database...
    import psycopg
    db = psycopg.connect("dbname=test user=%s"%username)
    qresult = db.query(my_query)
    listOfResults = qresult.dictresult()

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