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Botykai Zsolt zsolt.botykai at online.hu
Fri Sep 24 15:42:51 CEST 2004

thanx, workx as it should have.


csütörtök 23 szeptember 2004 17:26 dátummal Kent Johnson ezt írta:
> OK. I suggest you use re.sub() on the match data to remove the blank lines.
> So you would use one re to get the data and another one to remove the blank
> lines. For example:
>  >>> import re
>  >>> data = '   \n   \nhere\nis\n  \nsome data\n\nwith\nblank
> lines   \n   \n   '
>  >>> rx = re.compile(r'(^|\n)\s*(\n|$)')
>  >>> rx.sub(r'\1', data)
> 'here\nis\nsome data\nwith\nblank lines   \n'
>  >>> rx.sub(r'\1', '\n\n\ntest\n\n\n')
> 'test\n'
> The re to match blank lines is a little tricky because you want to match
> '   \n' - a blank line at the beginning
> '\n  \n' - a blank line in the middle
> '   ' - a blank line at the end
> The solution I used was to allow either beginning of string ^ or newline \n
> before the blank, and either newline or end of string $ at the end. Then I
> replace by whatever matched at the beginning so the blank line at start is
> not replaced by a newline itself.
> If your data uses \r\n for newlines you will have to modify the regex a
> little bit.


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