[Tutor] OSX and installation of new Python versions

Christian Meesters cmeesters at ucdavis.edu
Fri Sep 24 22:36:50 CEST 2004


Is there a way to install 2.4 or 2.3.4 on the Mac (OSX 10.3.5) so that 
there is only one Python version?

I would prefer version 2.4, because I'd like to use at least one of the 
new features (easy sorting of dictionaries for keys). But the reason 
I'm asking is actually that is becomes highly annoying to have the Mac 
preinstalled Python version (2.3) always present, whereas any other 
version explicitly has to be called with the full path. Installing 
third party modules like wxPython and numarray isn't fun this way. Not 
knowing whether wxPython would run with Python 2.4, I might have to 
live with 2.3.4, but that's ok (for most of my purposes 2.3.2 would be 

Any ideas how to achieve all this? (Parameters during setup and 
compiling?) Frankly: The MacPython FAQ didn't help me any further and I 
fear I have to live with this until Apple will include an updated 
version in its OS. Or do I?

And one last question: If there is any solution - what will be the 
impact on pythonw?


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