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Ali Polatel alipolatel at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 25 10:45:06 CEST 2004

Dear Python Programmers,
I have a request from a Python programmer who can do me a favor...
This year I'll graduate from my high-school...
I'll host a chat-server so that we will be able to chat as all friends will leave the city to go to different universities...
I was looking around if there is one written in Python...I found this below:
#	A simple "chat" server.  Creates a server on port 4000.#	Users telnet to your machine, port 4000, and can chat with each#	other.  Use "quit" to disconnect yourself, and "shutdown" to#	shut down the server.  Requires sockets.##	7/31/96	J. Strout		http://www.strout.net/# import needed modules:from socket import *		# get sockets, for well, socketsimport string				# string functionsimport time					# for sleep(1) function# define global variablesHOST = ''				# Symbolic name meaning the local hostPORT = 4000				# Arbitrary non-privileged serverendl = "\r\n"			# standard terminal line endinguserlist = []			# list of connected usersdone = 0				# set to 1 to shut this downkAskName = 0			# some constants used to flagkWaitName = 1			#	the state of each userkOK = 2# class to store info about connected usersclass User:	def __init__(self):		self.name = ""		self.addr = ""		self.conn = None		self.step = kAskName	def Idle(self):			if self.step == kAskName: self.AskName()	def AskName(self):	
	self.conn.send("Name? ")		self.step = kWaitName	def HandleMsg(self, msg):		print "Handling message: ",msg		global userlist				# if waiting for name, record it		if self.step == kWaitName:			# try to trap garb initiall sent by some telnets:			if len(msg) < 2 or msg=="#": return			print "Setting name to: ",msg			self.name = msg			self.step = kOK			self.conn.send("Hello, "+self.name+endl)			broadcast(self.name+" has connected."+endl)			return		# check for commands		if msg == "quit":			broadcast(self.name+" has quit.\n")			self.conn.close()			userlist.remove(self)			return		# otherwise, broadcast msg		broadcast( self.name+": "+msg+endl )# routine to check for incoming connectionsdef pollNewConn():	try:		conn, addr = s.accept()	except:		return None	print "Connection from", addr	conn.setblocking(0)	user = User();	user.conn = conn	user.addr = addr	return user# routine to broadcast a message to all connected usersdef broadcast(msg):	for u in userlist:		u.conn.send(msg)# MAIN PROGRAM# set up
 the servers = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)s.bind(HOST, PORT)s.setblocking(0)s.listen(1)print "Waiting for connection(s)..."# loop until done, handling connections and incoming messageswhile not done:	time.sleep(1)		# sleep to reduce processor usage	u = pollNewConn()	# check for incoming connections	if u:		userlist.append(u)		print len(userlist),"connection(s)"	for u in userlist:	# check all connected users		u.Idle()		try:			data = u.conn.recv(1024)			data = filter(lambda x: x>=' ' and x<='z', data)			data = string.strip(data)			if data:				print "From",u.name,': ['+data+']'				u.HandleMsg(data)				if data == "shutdown": done=1		except:			passfor u in userlist:	u.conn.close()"

But this is too primitive to be a chat server I believe...

I have really no time to make it better...

Can any of you add it some functions?

like adding admin functions,and other chat functions that you can dream of

and make it similar to an IRC channel...

I'll appreciate any kind of help...

Regards and thanks all,

Ali Polatel


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