[Tutor] A problem in read_until(expected[,timeout])

W X Liu csmwxl at bath.ac.uk
Sat Sep 25 23:04:55 CEST 2004


I want use read_until object to interact with telnet. The problem is that if I 
just want to match the expected string, then it will be fine. code would be 


But if I want to just want to match the timeout seconds, I don't know how to 
write it. 

I code it as 


Then invalid syntax occurs. Or if I add a expected string together with 
timeout, then I code it as

read_until(ten [,10])

ten is the string I want to match, and 10 is the expected timeout second, 
butinvalid syntax occurs again. So anyone can help me to solve this? Many thanks


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