[Tutor] Re: Calendar question

John Carmona jeannot18 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 6 14:12:39 CEST 2005

Thanks John for your help.

Here is the final script (and it is working)

import calendar

MonthName = {'January': 1,'February': 2, 'March': 3,'April': 4
         ,'May': 5,'June': 6,'July': 7,'August': 8,
       'September': 9,'October': 10,'November': 11,'December': 12}

              ##setfirstweekday change the day to what you want it be
              ## 0=Monday, 6=Sunday.
year = int(raw_input("Enter a year: "))
monthString = (raw_input("Enter a month: "))
while monthString not in MonthName:
    print "Unknown month!"
    monthString = raw_input('Enter a month: ')
month = MonthName[monthString]

print calendar.prmonth(year,month)


>##By the way do the number have to be under that format??

I don't understand the question, sorry..

This was a question for me, by that I meant would 01,02,03 etc format work 
as well (And it does). Sorry for the confusion.

Now I have got another question raising from this script. Would it be 
possible for the person doing the input to use either the months name in 
writing and also in number?

Thanks again John


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