[Tutor] import problem

Chris Smith smichr at bigfoot.com
Tue Apr 19 08:16:07 CEST 2005

I sent the following to the mac-sig without reply (except for an 
autoresponder telling me that a person was out of the office :-)).  Is 
there anyone with a mac that could test this code in the IDE to see if 
you have the same problems? (I don't have problems running it through 
the 2.4 version of python in the terminal.)


I was recently trying to use the timeit module and although I was able 
to do so without problem on a Windows machine, I get a "cannot import 
y1" ImportError from the following script.

import timeit
def y1():
	print 'y1 executed'
def y2():
	print 'y2 executed'
for f in [y1,y2]:
	name = f.__name__
	print name; f()
	t=timeit.Timer('%s()' % name, 'from __main__ import %s' % name)
	print t.timeit(1)
--the output--
y1 executed
** ImportError

I am using the IDE for 2.3.3 under OS X (10.2.8).

I am able to successfully run timeit in other ways, but I like the 
above way to loop through the codes that I want to test.


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