[Tutor] Installation Routines (Joseph Quigley)

Max Noel maxnoel_fr at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 20 17:17:53 CEST 2005

On Apr 20, 2005, at 00:04, Joseph Quigley wrote:

> My point is for practice and knowledge. Sure, I have Setup 2 Go (the 
> paid version) and Install Creator (not paid)
> Then again, how many free installers are there for linux?

	emerge and apt-get come to mind. rpm is inferior (no dependency 
resolution) but still does a good job, and I hear autopackage isn't 
	Also, there was a project at some point that aimed at making Linux 
applications into self-contained "executable folders" (like .app 
bundles in Mac OS X). I don't remember the name, but I recall Rox-filer 
supports it.

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