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Thank you for the suggestion to try the game from the command line. 
Unfortunately, when I scored high enough to make the high score list
and entered in my name (in the dos/command window, now), and clicked
back to the game screen, the game screen just closed/crashed, and the
command line returned to its pathname. No error messages,
unfortunately!  Was I supposed to be doing something else?


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I haven't been following this thread, so apologies in advance if this is
something you've already done ---

Have you tried running the program from a command prompt?  To do this, go to
Start-->Run and type 'cmd'.  Then change to the directory with your script in it
('cd ' followed by the full directory path), and run the script by typing
'python ' followed by the script name.
(you may need to type something like 'c:\python24\python ' instead, if python is
not in your path)

The effect of this is that, when the program crashes, you will be left with a
window showing you (hopefully) some useful error messages.

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