[Tutor] Installation Routines (Joseph Quigley)

Jay Loden python at jayloden.com
Thu Apr 21 20:27:32 CEST 2005

Rpm does in fact have dependency resolution, and rpm-based distributions use a 
package manager that can download the dependencies and install them for you - 
urpmi on mandrake, yum or apt4rpm on Fedora and Redhat, Yast on Suse

I've used all of these, they are all rpm based, and they all install 
dependencies. If you use the raw "rpm" command, even that will tell you 
"missing dependecy foo".

That being said, apt-get on debian is still my favorite (for sheer number of 
available packages), but urpmi on mandrake or Yast on Suse are quite 


On Wednesday 20 April 2005 04:17 pm, Max Noel wrote:
emerge and apt-get come to mind. rpm is inferior (no dependency
> resolution) but still does a good job, and I hear autopackage isn't
> bad.

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