[Tutor] "saving"?

Gavin Bauer gmanbauer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 19:04:15 CEST 2005

I've decided it would be cool to make a flashcard program. You would
start by entering all of the cards and their answers, then it would
ask you them in random order, with ones you get right coming up less
often, and ones you consistantly get wrong coming up more often.
However, I don't want to start this project unless I  could actually
make it useful. This means one thing: saving. I would need some way of
saving a "set" of flash cards such as "english vocab test" or "french
irregular verbs". The main purpose of this program (other than
learning more python) would be to actually help me study for a test,
so I would need to be able to save the information somehow. Any ideas?

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