[Tutor] Question about BASIC and Python

Alan G alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Tue Aug 2 09:36:16 CEST 2005

> I had a co-worker say to me at work that Python was related 
> to or based upon BASIC. Is this true, and if not, how can I 
> tell my friend why they are similar?

Both Python and BASIC are interpreted languages intended to 
be used (amongst other things) to learn how to program.

There the similarity ends. Python is very different to BASIC.
Its different in the way it is interpreted, in the structure 
of the programs, the way functions operate, the type system,
in fact just about every conceivable way.

There are more similarities between Visual Basic - which is 
very different to the original BASIC - and Python, but they 
are still significantly different languages. Thats why I use 
VBScript (a lightweight VB) as a comparison with Python in 
my tutor - to illustrate how a *different* language does the 
same thing. Take a look at some of the topics in my tutor
to see the differences.

If Python is based on any other language its probably Lisp!

Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web tutor

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