[Tutor] print a line in IDLE as bold, italics or a color

Victor Reijs genietdev0 at iol.ie
Wed Aug 3 00:49:04 CEST 2005

Hello Danny,

Danny Yoo wrote:
>>This is in a seperate text box, but I want to have the colors
>>(bold/italics) in the default IDLE window.
> This will probably be more difficult.  I don't believe IDLE itself allows
> a user's program to set its own fonts and colors within the running IDLE
> window.
> I'm sure it's technically possible, but not without some significant
> hacking at the IDLE interface.

Error messages in IDLE also get a color (red), so it loooks to be 
standard 'IDLE'/python;-)
Also IDEL recognize keywords while typing and changes the color (to 
orange), so it is quite normal in IDLE...
But now; how can user's python program use it?

All the best,


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