[Tutor] I need advice about which way to go.

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Sorry about that, I thought it was clear that n = number randomly chosen. I 
was thinking of if the number was a five, it would choose a card with a five 
on it. I don't want to have to code stuff that I have to repeat again and 
I'm not worrying about card types, I have that figured out separately.
The two games are indeed separate, too much trouble to do them a 1 program 
that can play both games.
Maybe I should have shown my code and asked using the code as a visual 
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> Hi Nathan,
> The problem with this problem descripton is that you have an idea
> clear in your own head but the rest oif us only have the words.
> So...
>> I am writing a poker game and a blackjack game.
> Two separate games or one game that can play both?
>> I was wondering which way would be Python smart and work properly.
> That depends on you really, there is no Python way to write card games
> (unless you count using PyGame but even thats not mandatory). This is
> really a matter of design and Python doesn't impose many limits on that,
> there are lots of valid approaches you could take.
>> I am trying to figure out whether or not to use t(n) as a card indicator,
>> when n = randomly drawn number.
> t(n) means a function called t that takes a parameter called n. I'm
> not sure how you would use that as a card indicator. Are you confusing
> functions and lists? Do you mean t[n] where n is an index into a list
> called t? Then if t held all the card values (or names) n could indicate
> one particular card. That might work.
> Another way could be a dictionary with a coded name per card as the key
> along with the value. (Aces pose a problem regardless of solution because
> they have two values)
>> I could go that way, or code it as t1, t2, t3, etc.
> Having 52 variables, one per card could work but seems clumsy.
> Also figuring out how to deal a hand would be tricky with discreet 
> variables.
>> Which way is the right and correct way to go?
> There is no single right way, but a collection of some sort sounds
> better than a set of independant variables.
>> Also for blackjack, I want to use it as playertotal = playertotal + n,
>> and computertotal = computertotal + n. or 1,2,3, etc. Which is better?
> I don't understand that bit at all?! What does 'n'represent?
> What are the 1,2,3 for?
> Alan G.

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