[Tutor] Fetching dictionaries using MySQLdb

Jan Eden lists at janeden.org
Mon Aug 8 15:08:06 CEST 2005

Kent Johnson wrote on 08.08.2005:

>Jan Eden wrote:

>>The documentation for MySQLdb says that fetchoneDict() is
>>deprecated and the usage of fetchone() is suggested.
>You could just use fetchoneDict(); deprecated isn't the same as

I tend to avoid deprecated functions/methods - I would need another method sooner or later anyway.
>>Is there a recommended way to receive the results of an SQL query
>>in the form I need? Or do I have to create a dictionary of
>>fieldname tuples which can be zipped with the query result tuple?
>You can create a list of field names from the cursor.description
>attribute. But if the number of fields in the result varies how do
>you know which field goes with which description?
That works, thank you. I will use the cursor.description attribute immediately after executing a query, so it will contain the correct field descriptions whenever I need them. The rest of my program uses the type attribute to decide which fields are present and which are not.

All this is part of a port from Perl to Python - I will publish a log of everything I encountered in a couple of weeks.


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