[Tutor] What's the invalid syntax? Code supplied

Alan G alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Mon Aug 8 21:07:37 CEST 2005


> I'm no longer going to use this method. I thought up a more easier 
> idea for dealing cards. I was going to share it, but with all this 
> time and effort pointing out things that I should know, instead of 
> helping me, I don't think I will, because it will probably be ripped 
> to shreds by you, and dash my idea before it even takes off.

Now I've had some sleep I'll try to be a little kinder.

I was not trying to 'rip you to shreds' but to help you.

But you are not helping us to help you by posting code that is full of
basic syntax errors. Try to fix those yourself and if you get stuck 
us what the problem is and include the error text. Python does very 
at printing useful error messages, without which we are left having to
read your code line by line. This means we don't know whether you are
looking for a new approach, help with the syntax, or just general

Many of the mistakes you are making are covered in the various 
that are on the web, some time spent reading those will avoid many of
the problems you are encountering. And reading documentation is an
essential skill for any programmer to learn. While the mailing list
is here to help newbies to Python and programming we are all 
doing this in our own time. We are happy to help folks who are stuck, 
just ask for some help in that you give us as much specific 
about the help you need as possible. A subject line saying 'it doesn't 
and a screen full of code is not enough.

> I wanted help, and you critised me,
> I wanted aid, and you refused,
> So I will do it myself!

No-one has refused you, but doing it by yourself is a big part of 
and no bad thing. You have made some progress since you started 
posting to
the list, but you could progress faster by paying more attention to 
the basics.
The list is best used for the times when you are unable to make any 
progress by yourself.

As I said in my post yesterday we are trying to help you to help 

I'm sorry if my words sounded harsh but they were borne out of seeing
a posting with no clue as to the problem but full of basic syntax 
And maybe it could have been expressed more subtly but having returned
from 3 long days I was not in the mood for sweet talking! :-(

Sorry if it offended, it was not meant so to do.

Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web tutor

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