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Hazel Bard starryhaze at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 11 10:58:06 CEST 2005

Hi, ive not been programming in python very long, but im using the wxPython 
to do GUI stuff.  Ive been looking at some basic applications, and ive been 
having some funny problems with them.  First of all, which is the best way 
to import wxPython, because some people seem to use 'import wx' and some us 
'from wxPython.wx import *'.  If i load the program with one of them, it 
doesn't run, and then i change it to the other and it runs, but then the 
next time i load the program with that one it will not work but if i change 
it to the first one it does run.  Sorry if that sounds confusing... its hard 
to explain, but i just don't know why it does that!

Also, i looked at a simple program, with a frame and a menu with file and 
exit. The first time you get the program to run, it all works fine, but if 
you exit the program, and then run it again the exit and other buttons stop 
working.  The next time you run the program though it all works again... it 
seems to be that when you load the program, it is only the first, third, 
fifth etc time you run the program that it works, and i really dont know why 
it does that either! any suggestions? is it to do with python, or the 
platform or the program because it seems to do it with every program i 


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