[Tutor] PyChecker: Installing and or Using

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Aug 11 14:31:36 CEST 2005

Dick Moores wrote:
> But how do I move on? All I get is the above warning.
> For example, I put "import pychecker.checker" at the top of mycalc.py, my 
> collection of functions. Does getting only that warning mean that 
> mycalc.py has no problems? I've tried inserting some obvious errors, but 
> then Python refuses to execute mycalc, as it should.

According to the docs importing pychecker only checks modules that are imported *after* the module containing the import. If you have a single-file program try using pychecker from the command line.

When you insert errors as a test, of course you have to use errors that are more subtle than syntax errors - things that would cause runtime errors. For example:

def f():
  x = y


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