[Tutor] changes made if IDLE not updating when application executed?

Alan G alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Thu Aug 11 22:45:43 CEST 2005


> Hello, I am running  a script I wrote with IDLE.
> if I edit the script them hit 'F5' to run it again,
> it seems to run the old script prior to the last save.

Can you just confirm the sequence here please?

1) You are editing a script in IDLE loaded from a file.
2) You hit Save
3) You hit F5
4) The output in the shell window reflects the version prior to your 

The most obvious things to check are that you are remembering step 2.

And that you are not importing the module you are editing at the >>> 
If the latter what happens if you type reload(myModule) at the >>> 
before hitting F5? (I'm not sure whether this would have the result 
see but its all I can think of!)

Finally, what version of Python/IDLE and which OS?

Alan G.

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