[Tutor] Is it possible to...

jfouhy@paradise.net.nz jfouhy at paradise.net.nz
Mon Aug 15 09:45:58 CEST 2005

Quoting Nathan Pinno <falcon3166 at hotmail.com>:

> Is it possible to create a def that not only deals cards, but also
> assigns a value to each rank, except that the Jacks, Queens, and Kings
> all are the same value as the 10s?
> If this is possible, how should I go about doing this?

Nearly everything is possible; you just have to order your thoughts correctly :-)

In this case, you're looking for a way of mapping from cards to values.  Python
has  a mapping type built in, called a dictionary.  You can read about it here:
http://docs.python.org/tut/node7.html#SECTION007500000000000000000 and here:


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