[Tutor] convert a file from plaintext(Ascii) to unicode? very quickquestions

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>>> help(unicode)
Help on class unicode in module __builtin__:
[snip help stuff]
 |  encode(...)
 |      S.encode([encoding[,errors]]) -> string or unicode
 |      Encodes S using the codec registered for encoding. encoding defaults
 |      to the default encoding. errors may be given to set a different
 |      handling scheme. Default is 'strict' meaning that encoding errors
 |      a UnicodeEncodeError. Other possible values are 'ignore', 'replace'
 |      'xmlcharrefreplace' as well as any other name registered with
 |      codecs.register_error that can handle UnicodeEncodeErrors.

[snip rest of help]

I dont know much about Unicode but it seems like
f = file(filename, "r")
text = f.readlines()
text = text.encode()
#or maybe just text.encode()?

should encode the filetext to unicode.
then you could do a
f = file(filename, "w")

sorry I don't know more about it but I hope that helps you.
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> Hello guys!
> Is there a way to convert a file from plaintext(Ascii) to unicode?  I
> have found all my notes about moving between hex., int's, chr's,
> ord's, etc, but all of these things were only riddle exercises to me
> and I have a hard time keeping them straight.  I'm pretty sure I knew
> the answer to this and now cannot find it anywhere (even googling
> through my old tutor posts!)
> Does anyone have a quick answer/pointer?
> Thanks so much!
> ~Denise
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