[Tutor] Linux/Window Differences in Python?

Catherine Kostyn CKOSTYN at Indygov.org
Thu Aug 18 22:33:40 CEST 2005

I use Debian Linux at home and XP at work. I suspect the question to my answer is *no* but I am going to ask anyway :)
Are there any differences in Python between operating systems or is it really compatible with the majority of operating systems?
Obviously I don't know anything about Python, other than that ESRI is moving from VBA to Python as the preferred interface for customization and application development inside of ArcGIS (or so we have been told from our GIS department). I've also been told that Python is much more straightforward than VBA, (which sounds good to me), and if it works as well with ArcObjects as I have been told, then I need to learn it.
If it works the same on Windows and Linux, then that really makes learning it that much easier - and even more useful.
I look forward to hearing your opinions, and please be kind to my newbie question...
Catherine K.

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