[Tutor] How do you turn something into a number?

Lane, Frank L frank.l.lane at boeing.com
Fri Aug 19 22:37:29 CEST 2005



Not understanding the proper phraseology for my question I can't search
the faq so here goes:


I have what I think is a string from socket.recvfrom(...).  I want to
turn it into numbers so I tried:

from socket import *

from array import *


data, address  = recvfrom (...stuff...)

s = ""

number =int(s.join(data[10:13],16)) # turn two bytes of the string into
a python number, do this a lot to parse all numbers from

                                                   # socket stream


This yaks and says something about improper argument to int.  I don't
understand python's type system at all so any help here will be greatly




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