[Tutor] Writing to XML file with minidom

Johan Geldenhuys johan at accesstel.co.za
Mon Aug 22 11:51:00 CEST 2005

Hi all,
I use minidom to parse xml data from a file.
I know how to get the data:

""" Parse the xml file """
            xmlDocument = minidom.parse(self.configFile)
            """ Parse xml main section """
            mainSection = xmlDocument.getElementsByTagName('Config')
            """ Parse xml Global section """
            configSection = mainSection[0]
            """ Parse Ports section """
            socketList = configSection.getElementsByTagName('Sockets')


Now I want to change a string that a retrieved from the file and write
it back to where it was. So, I get something, change it and write it

How do I put the new string in the place of the old? How do I overwrite
the first value with the new value?



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