[Tutor] Should I be thinking of threads for this ?

Nick Lunt nick at javacat.f2s.com
Thu Aug 25 21:28:45 CEST 2005

Hello folks,

I have the following code taken from the Twisted examples -

# filewatcher.py
from twisted.application import internet

def watch(fp):
        for line in fp.readlines():

import sys
from twisted.internet import reactor
s = internet.TimerService(1.0, watch, file(sys.argv[1]))

I find this piece of code amazing and I am keen to put it to use.
If I run './filewatcher.py myfile' it will print out any changes made to 
'myfile', very similar to 'tail -f' .

Now if I want to have this program monitor several files at once I could 
run './filewatcher.py file1 file2 filex' or './filewatcher.py file1 & 
./filewatcher file2 & etc' both with minor modifications to the code,  
but I think that could cause performance problems relating to the OS.
So I'm thinking I will need to learn python threads (no bad thing) 
instead, but Im hoping that someone could tell me if that seems the best 
way to go ?
I will be getting to grips with python threads anyway but I'd appreciate 
any input on this.

Many thanks,
Nick .

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