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Tom Strickland tlinux at comcast.net
Sun Aug 28 23:38:50 CEST 2005

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Subject: 	Re: Importing a List from Module
Date: 	Sun, 28 Aug 2005 16:37:26 -0500
From: 	Tom Strickland <strick_nine at comcast.net>
To: 	tutor at python.org

The problem has been solved. It turned out that I made a newbie mistake 
that had nothing to do with importing lists. I have a function, sma, 
which calculates the moving average for a list of prices. I passed the 
"close" (subsequently changed to "cloze") list to the function as an 
argument. There is a "for" loop in the function that appends close to a 
new list.I had written this as:


when it should have been


This mistake caused the function to append the entire "close" list to 
"p" instead of just "close[i]" each time through the loop which was more 
than 4000 times.. This mistake caused a print statement to fill the 
output screen with numbers. It was difficult to determine that my 
problem wasn't importing "close", but in how I was using it.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions. While my use of "open" and 
"close" as list names apparently didn't cause any problems, it's bad  
form and I've changed those two names.


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