[Tutor] Malformed CSV

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Fri Dec 2 16:46:11 CET 2005

Jan Eden wrote:
> I guess I need to notify the engineer responsible for the CSV output
> and have the quoting corrected.

If that is possible it is a much better solution. I hate to hack around bad data - much better to correct the source of the data if possible.

In fact you may have little choice if you want to use the CSV module - for example what if the first field has commas and quotes? Could you have a line like this?
""hotel", "budapest", "billig"","1","0","0"

Alternately you could just write your own parser, if the data is very regular this may not be hard:

for line in data.splitlines():
    fields = line.rsplit(',', 3)
    fields = [ field[1:-1] for field in fields ]
    print fields

BTW do you really have doubled quotes in all the hotel fields, or just the one with quotes? The data in your original post is inconsistent.


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