[Tutor] Request For Suggestions

Christopher Arndt chris.arndt at web.de
Sat Dec 3 00:51:09 CET 2005

Basem Narmok schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I am planning to make a Python CD for advocating Python, and I need your 
> suggestions about this, the objective is to build a CD that contains the 
> basic material for Python beginner (e.g. Python 2.4.2 for different 
> platforms) with some advocating material (e.g. videos), and here is what 
> comes to my mind to present on the CD:
> Software:
> - Python 2.4.2 for different platforms.
> - ironPython 0.9.5
> - wxPython 2.6
> - SPE 0.7.5
> Media:
> - Introducing Python (video)
> - TurboGears (videos)
> - ironPython (videos)
> - maybe some video from URU and CIV IV games
> The CD is intended to be given to Python beginners in a free course, any 
> comments or suggestions are welcome.

Great idea! Here some brainstorming:

Documentation, documentation, documentation!

For example:

- Official Python docs
- List of beginners tutorials from the wiki, possible with copies of these on
the CD
- Dive into Python
- How to think like a computer scientist
- ...
- Quick Reference Guides
- Coding Style guide
- The Zen of Python (import this) (maybe as a nicely formatted HTML page)

Of course, you have to check licences of these.

Would be cool to include a PDF with a nice cover for the CD, so people can
distribute new copies.

- Cool Python graphics (I have a PDF with a trainspotting-look-alike ad, but I
don't know where I got it from)

- Interviews with the BDFL (might be a bit of work to get the permissions for

- A page with testimonials (Google, IL&M, whatever)

- Flying Circus scripts ;-)


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