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david din22 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 5 14:42:34 CET 2005

hello everyone, and thanks for your help and guidance so far.
amazingly enough, something i thought would be simple has turned out to be not simple.
i have a sword that i want to wield. as i have it here, i think i am wielding whatever string i type
as argument to wield. so i guess i need to pass wield an object somehow instead of a string.
can anyone point in the right direction? 

class Player:
    def __init__(self,name):
        self.name = name
        self.location = None
        self.inventory = []
        self.wielded = None
        self.headwear = None
       def wield(self,what):
        print type(what)
        print 'you wield',what
        self.wielded = what
       def do(self):
        cmd = string.split(raw_input('>'))
        verb = cmd[0]
        if len(cmd) > 1:
            target = cmd[1]
        if verb == 'l':
        elif verb in ['n','s','e','w']:           
        elif verb == 'quit':
        elif verb == 'i':
            print 'wielded',self.wielded
            print 'on head', self.headwear
            for a in self.inventory:
                print a.name
         elif verb == 'wield':
            print 'what?'

class Thing:
    def __init__(self,name):
        self.name = name
        self.uponwield = ''
p = Player('david')

sord = Thing('sword')
sord.uponwield = 'the sword glows '
hat = Thing('hat')

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