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Steven Bell sfbell at keasdesign.net
Wed Dec 14 05:28:31 CET 2005

Here's my two cents on ide's for Python.
Idle... It's got a nice color scheme but it's tkinter gui is a bit dated 
and it's short many of the built-in convenience features.
PyWin... Slightly better, but still feels weak to me. Win32 specific though.
PyCrust (and it's derivatives) last I knew were included with wxPython 
the gui toolkit. wasn't a big fan of them.
SPE. Just installed it yesterday and used it today on a sizable web 
service/plpythonu program. I was pleased in general with the color 
scheme, I liked the vertical lines showing indentation down through the 
document. I tried a couple of the fun frilly features like the run, 
debug and explorer a bit. It's interesting enough to keep me coming back 
for a bit.
Jedit. Java editor. Really my swiss-army knife of development. I use it 
for Perl, PHP, asp, JSP, Java, Python, C++...blah blah blah...
Komodo - untried, but the screenies look decent.
Eclipse - tried it, found the one plugin to be ok. Seemed a bit overkill 
for my usual python work
Boa Constructor (Mostly RAD Gui Development) complex, but very useful 
for those wxPython projects.

Top Three:
Idle (surprise!)

Norman Silverstone wrote:
>> sorry for the self reply. I got motivated and largely got SPE to use 
>> the IDLE colour scheme. I've emailed it to Ismael. If anyone else want 
>> is, write me privately.
> Just out of interest I use Ubuntu Linux and gedit is the editor.
> Norman
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