[Tutor] Differnce between java and python

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Wed Dec 21 12:04:00 CET 2005

Pujo Aji wrote:
> Hi,
> you can check this website:
> http://www.ferg.org/projects/python_java_side-by-side.html

Don't miss the links on that site, either.

Compared to Java, Python is compact, expressive and lightweight. It is dynamically typed 
with first-class functions and far better built-in support for simple data structures, 
introspection and metaprogramming. After writing Python for a while, Java seems full of 
unneccessary restrictions and artificial limitations. In comparison, Python stays out of 
the way.

Here are a few more links:
My own comparison with some details: http://www.pycs.net/users/0000323/stories/18.html
Python is not Java: http://dirtsimple.org/2004/12/python-is-not-java.html
Java is not Python, either: http://dirtsimple.org/2004/12/java-is-not-python-either.html


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