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Max Noel maxnoel_fr at yahoo.fr
Tue Feb 1 03:43:32 CET 2005

On Feb 1, 2005, at 16:35, Paul Hartley wrote:

> When I was a member of the Forth Interest Group in the USA we learned 
> that Forth was used on the buggy that went to mars, that it started 
> life controlling huge radio telescopes which only had 4k (yes 4k) of 
> memory for both language and application.
> Anything like the above concerning python would be useful.

	Well, that's probably not as awe-inspiring, but BitTorrent is written 
entirely in Python (with the wxPython graphical toolkit for the Windows 
and X11 versions, and PyObjC for the Mac OS X version). Google also use 
the language extensively, although I don't exactly know why, thanks to 
their obsession with secrecy.

	You could point out that Python's greatest strength (aside from its 
extreme readability -- unlike most people, The Whitespace Thing always 
struck me as an excellent design decision, although had I been Guido, 
I'd have forced the use of either tabs or spaces but not allowed both) 
is the fact that it's multi-paradigm. You can work procedurally, 
object-orientedly, and even in some cases functionally. And you can 
mix-and-match those 3 paradigms depending on your needs. This can be 
very useful.

	Oh, and make sure you mention iterators and list comprehensions at 
some point.

-- Max
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