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Tue Feb 1 11:49:13 CET 2005

Eric Raymond's "Why Python?" essay is a classic:

Bruce Eckel's "Why I love Python" presentation is here:

This page has lots of links you might be interested in:

This page has links to language comparisons:

Good luck!

Paul Hartley wrote:
> I am trying to get Python established here in the Philippines. Currently 
> I am in charge of operations at a business based in Manila and I have 
> asked my IT staff to start using Python (with some success).
> A local university has now asked that I give a talk to their IT people 
> on Python - so here is an opportunity to spread the word and get some 
> more converts and maybe introduce python into their computer science 
> courses.
> Any help I can get would be much appreciated - such as language 
> comparisons, companies and systems that use python, debates about what 
> python is good for (almost everything), examples of elegant code..
> When I was a member of the Forth Interest Group in the USA we learned 
> that Forth was used on the buggy that went to mars, that it started life 
> controlling huge radio telescopes which only had 4k (yes 4k) of memory 
> for both language and application.
> Anything like the above concerning python would be useful.
> Any other suggestions would help also, the audience will have computers, 
> so a demonstration of small workshop would also be good - the 
> presentation/session is for 4 hours on the 10th February.
> Paul
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