[Tutor] Presentation

Danny Yoo dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Feb 2 09:59:44 CET 2005

> The community is one of the things I particularly like about Python.  I
> always hated asking a question in the Perl newsgroups; although you
> usually got an answer, you were almost certain to be told you're stupid
> for not already knowing it.

Hi Terry,

Just to act as Devil's advocate: the programming language communities are
large enough to support subcultures.  So the experiences you have had in
the seedy corners of comp.lang.perl are probably not representative of the
Perl community as a whole.

Some newsgroups are notoriously noisy, and even comp.lang.python can get a
little hairy at times.  The mailing list communities tend to be a bit more
civilized because they have a strong topical focus.

For people who do want to learn Perl, the web site:


and Casey West's 'beginners' Perl mailing list:


appear to be excellent resources.  So the Perl community there is also
doing what they can to help folks learn Perl.

We, as Python programmers, should do one step better: we should help folks
learn programming as well as Python.  *grin*

Best of wishes to you!

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